ATS Mining Maintenance sells and hires underground mining machinery ATS Mining Maintenance is certified for fixing underground mining machines

Specialising in Atlas, Tamrock and
Secoma Jumbo maintenance
All rebuilds & mods to underground

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Underground Mining Machinery / Workshop

Articulated Loaders and Tamrock Jumbo Rebuilds and Repairs ATS Mining Maintenance has a fully equipped workshop to carry our all your mechanical repairs and full rebuilds to all of your underground mining machinery. Our experienced team can rebuild the Axera 7 Tamrock Jumbo, the H104 Atlas Copco Ju…

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Underground Jumbo Hire and Underground Loader Hire

ATS Mining Maintenance are professional rebuilders and refurbishers of Underground Mining Loaders, mining jumbos, articulated loaders and other underground mining machines. When you are looking for Underground Jumbo hire or Undergroung Loader Hire, you know you're getting good quality at a great pri…

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Component / Service Exchange

Are you looking to have your Underground Mining Jumbos serviced? Or are you looking for some replacement parts for one of Underground Mine Vehicles? All mining machinery needs to be maintained properly if it is going to last. The better care you take of you Underground Mine Vehicles, the smoother th…

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Specialists in all underground mining machines and mining machine parts

Underground Mining Machines can often be difficult to repair and maintain. Our team here at ATS Mining Maintenance is a group of specialists that have been professionally trained in the repair and maintenance of large mining equipment. We supply only the best when it comes to replacement mining machine parts at very affordable prices. We sell new, used and reconditioned parts that are checked for quality, durability and strength.

Check out our Products page to see a full list of all the great mining machine parts we sell.

ATS Mining Maintenance also prides itself in its comprehensive and efficient maintenance services for underground mining machines. We want to help make sure that all of your mining equipment is working at its peak 100% of the time, and so we offer a wide range of maintenance and repair services that will help you to keep on track with any mining job.

See our Underground Mining Machines Maintenance page or view our current services through the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

ATS Mining Maintenance offers the best in underground loader hire, as well as effective and beneficial services and products

Underground Mining Machines for Sale or Hire.

When working underground, reliable and efficient machinery is an absolute priority. ATS Mining Maintenance are the experts when it comes to underground mining machinnes for hire and sale. We offer quality machinery and vehicles at affordable prices. If you are not looking to buy, but rather need equipment for a once-off job, we also have a beneficial hire scheme that will be able to accomodate your needs. For example, we offer underground jumbo hire as well as underground loader hire.

For more information on our underground mining machine purchase or hire schemes, check out our Underground Mining Machines Sale or Hire page.

Field Service to all underground mining equipment. Permanent Labour hire.

Insufficient staff can often slow down or even stop progress on the job. ATS Mining Maintenance boasts a strong workforce of professionals, including fitters, auto electricians and boilermakers, to help compensate for low staff numbers or inexperience. No matter the length of the project, our labour hire personnel will help get the job done efficiently, safely and on time.

For more information about hiring professionals from various fields, visit our Labour Hire page.